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Shear Edge: Accelerating the world's transition to natural materials

Shear Edge is accelerating the world's transition to natural materials, revolutionising industries built on synthetic plastic one natural fibre at a time.

Shear Edge began in 2020 with the Keravos concept. Founder Logan Williams wanted to prove that natural fibres can be used in new and radical ways. His vision was to demonstrate that naturally reinforced materials can be lighter, stronger, and harder than their synthetic counterparts.

Today, Shear Edge is harnessing the power of wool with radically innovative, state of the art materials engineering. They believe in accelerating the world's transition away from synthetics to renewable, natural materials.

Shear Edge Keravos Technology

Their journey began with the first sample being created in none other than a toastie maker, melting a sheet of PLA (polylactic acid) and wool. Keravos’ first official trial was a medic alert bracelet moulded at Action Plastics in Christchurch. Once again, the trusty toastie maker was used but this time the product was run through a woodchipper to make shards for the pellets.

Shear Edge uses their patented Keravos technology to engineer naturally reinforced materials that integrate seamlessly into existing manufacturing processes and supply chains. Their mission is to become a world leading ingredient brand and everything they do is aligned with their goal to become the trusted performance leader than unleashes the potential of natural materials.

Wool, a natural fibre

Mid-way through 2020, Shear Edge formed a relationship with The Maisey Group in Hamilton who are now their material manufacturers. Since then, Shear Edge have been out in market selling into companies. COO Thomas Nye explains:

“We’ve experienced it first hand - first they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they join you.
The plastics market is a very traditional industry that is resistant to change, and we’ve received a lot of ‘nos’. But brands using plastics really do have a significant pain point trying to find a compelling, differentiating, competitive advantage.
We provide a material that sets a product apart in the marketplaces, instantly developing a world first while also making products stronger, lighter, more durable, and more sustainable.
Over the last four months we have been working with over 20 companies to improve their products.”

April 2021 was a huge month for the team. They produced the first wool reinforced boat, a 4m catamaran which was a massive step for the company. This momentum was swiftly built on with the hard launch of their rebrand to Shear Edge in May at E Tipu 2021: The Boma NZ agri summit.

Shear Edge 4m Catamaran on the water.

Shear Edge has now diversified further into manufacturing kayaks, knife handles, fence batons, and sends out material to a wide variety of companies and industries to produce prototypes.

After a whirlwind first year Shear Edge has recently launched their first commercial product. A Father's Day special released with Victory Knives and The Ironclad Pan Company, the world’s first wool handled knives. A tight matrix of highly engineered fibres makes up 70% of the volume, producing handles that are lighter, stronger and more sustainable than traditional plastic. Designed for left and right handers, it fits all hand sizes. You’ll be effortlessly gliding through every ingredient, every time. Thanks to the undyed, natural fibres, each handle has its own unique cream colour with beautiful variations in tone.

These knives are only the beginning with more products launching soon.Collaborating with more incredible companies, 2021 is shaping up to be quite the year for Shear Edge.

Vitory Knives Shear Edge Collaboration

Want to know more?

To find out more about their industry leading innovations and to keep up to date with all things Shear Edge follow the team on their website; LinkedIn and Instagram.


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