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Our Grower Heroes

ZQ strives to create value for our growers, by driving consumer demand for wool.

We help global brands understand wool better, educating the world on this miraculous fibre and the amazing work that ZQ growers are committed to

We believe that knowledge is power

The more we understand about our animals, our environment, the technology and threats that are coming over the horizon, the greater impact we can have. ​


Keen to join the flock? 

Learn more about becoming a ZQ certified grower here.

Grower Education

The ZQ On Farm team are on the road, out in the field with growers, listening to the challenges growers are facing today.

Our Area Managers, ZQ On Farm and Wool teams use insights gathered to improve farming systems and further align growers, brands and consumers, both economically and ethically. 

Education is a big part of the ZQ On Farm focus, particularly around understanding the ZQ Grower Standard and how to grow fibre that's fit for market contracts.

ZQ Grower standard

Every ZQ certified grower adheres to the​ requirements laid out in the ZQ Grower Standard. 

Key categories within the manual are:

Fibre quality

Fibre selection training, support and requirements on contract fulfilment.

Animal welfare and health

​The largest section of the manual includes standards on sheep handling, chemical use, health and disease management, and adhering to the five freedoms.

Social responsibility

This includes standards around human rights, health and safety, and wellbeing.

Care for the environment

​We help growers create a land environment plan, which outlines how their individual property will be managed, risks assessed, to mitigate negative impact. This includes water quality and various biodiversity projects.

Programme management​

This includes templates for record keeping and useful links.

Learn more about becoming a ZQ Certified Grower here.

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