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John Brakenridge_2021_small.jpg

John Brakenridge


Peter Floris_2021_small.jpg

Peter Floris


Steve Williamson_2021_small.jpg

Steve Williamson

GM Creative
& Studio ZQ

Mike H_2021_small.jpg

Mike Hargadon

GM Supply Innovation & Logistics

Keith Ovens_2021_small.jpg

Keith Ovens

GM Commercial

Dave Maslen_2021_small.jpg

Dave Maslen

GM Markets & Sustainability


Tim Loftus

GM Sales
& Marketing

Ashlan Campbell_2021_small.jpg

Ashlan Campbell

GM Strategic Implementation

Management Team

Business Services

Mike Scott_2021_small.jpg

Mike Scott

Financial Controller

Hayley Richards_2021_small.jpg

Hayley Richards

Business Analyst

Nathan Sheppard_2021_small.jpg

Nathan Sheppard

Business Development Manager

Szilvia Szalai_2021_small.jpg

Szilvia Szalai

Finance Administrator

Wendy Halliday_2021_small.jpg

Wendy Halliday

HR Manager

Wendy Cairns_2021_small.jpg

Wendy Cairns

Accounting Manager

Josh Anderson_2021_small.jpg

Josh Anderson

HR Coordinator

Mary Hawson_2021_small.jpg

Mary Hawson

Finance Assistant

Sales, Marketing & Sustainability

Hadleigh Smith_2021_small.jpg

Hadleigh Smith

Market Development Manager - Strong Wool

Alice Norton_2021_small.jpg

Alice Norton

Marketing Executive

Donna Chan_2021 v2_small.jpg

Donna Chan

Regenerative Farming Manager

Emma Wilding_2021_small.jpg

Emma Wilding

 Farm Innovation Project Manager

Monica Schwass_2021_small.jpg

Monica Schwass

Future Farming Manager

Matthew Dickinson_2021_small.jpg

Matthew Dickinson

Digital Marketing Manager


Tara Strangwick

Head of CSR & Ethical Sourcing

Emma Smith_2021_Small.jpg

Emma Smith

ZQ Programme Manager

Erica Horrobin_2021_small.jpg

Erica Horrobin

Traceability Analyst

Jennifer Dowhaniuk_2021_small.jpg

Jennifer Dowhaniuk 

Transaction Certificate Administrator

NASPA New Otani 2021_edited_edited.jpg

Ikuo Aisaka (Ai-San)

Marketing, Japan

Hannah Wilson_2021_small.jpg

Hannah Wilson

Marketing Executive

Creative Team

Demi Nielsen_2021_small.jpg

Demi Nielsen

Creative Project Manager

Julia King_June 18_edited_edited.jpg

Julia King

Senior Creative Designer

Simon Keeping_2021_small.jpg

Simon Keeping

Senior Creative Designer

Josh France_2021_small.jpg

Josh France

Senior Creative Designer

Kate Burford_2021_small.jpg

Kate Burford

Creative Designer

The Wool Team

Anna Johnstone_2021_small.jpg

Anna Johnstone

Strategic Engagement Manager

David Chenery_2021_small.jpg

David Chenery

Commercial Manager

Nathan Arthur_2021_small.jpg

Nathan Arthur

Commercial Manager

Blair Davies_2021_small.jpg

Blair Davies

Assistant Commercial
Manager & Area Manager


021 224 4044 

Mike Gourdie_2021_small.jpg

Mike Goudie

Assistant Commercial Manager

Ian Hermansson_2021_small.jpg

Ian Hermansson

Wool Admin Manager

Brenna Sharland_2021_small.jpg

Brenna Sharland

Wool Administrator

Sarah Clarkson_2021_small.jpg

Sarah Clarkson

Wool Administrator

Jack Ternouth_2021_small.jpg

Jack Ternouth

Market Development Manager

027 556 9949 

Wool Team (Northern Region)

Nicola Peddie_2021_small.jpg

Nicola Peddie

Northern Regional Manager Offshore Manager

Huia Whyte-Puna_2021_small.jpg

Huia Whyte-Puna

Area Manager
(North Island)

021 305 069 

Loulou Maclaurin_2021_small.jpg

LouLou Ellingham 

Relationship Manager
(North Island)

027 469 8975 

Mecaela Lynch_2022_small.jpg

Mecaela Lynch

Area Manager Canterbury 

Holly Brown_2021_small.jpg

Holly Brown


Wool Team (Southern Region)

Pete Scarlet_2021_small.jpg

Pete Scarlet

Southern Regional Manager

Andrew McNeill_2021_small.jpg

Andrew McNeill

Area Manager

Maniototo Central Otago

021 476 600 

Jenny Harraway_2021_small.jpg

Jenny Harraway

Area Manager

Southland / West Otago 

021 314 482

Nic Blanchard_2021_small.jpg

Nic Blanchard

Area Manager

Waitaki / McKenzie

021 306 878 

Olivia Anderson_2021_small.jpg

Olivia Anderson

Area Manager

Queenstown Lakes/Outram

027 431 2590 

Wool Team (Offshore Region)

Nicola Peddie_2021_small.jpg

Nicola Peddie

Northern Regional Manager Offshore Manager

ZQ Australia

Matt Hand col_edited.jpg

Matt Hand

GM Supply & Relationships Australia

Emma Subtil_2021_small.jpg

Emma Subtil

ZQ & ZQRX Relationship Manager

Executive Support

Kiley Charteris_2021_small.jpg

Kiley Charteris

Executive Assistant

Cassidy Gray_2021_small.jpg

Cassidy Gray

Office Coordinator

Shear Edge

Logan Williams_2021_small.jpg

Logan Williams

Director of Technology
& Innovation

Glerups NZ Team

Natasha Harris_2021_small.jpg

Natasha Harris

Glerups NZ Manager

Thomas Nye_2021_small.jpg

Thomas Nye

Sales & Marketing

Marie Ferrandes_2021_small.jpg

Marie Ferrandes

Admin & Marketing Coordinator

Te Hono

Anna Galvan_2021_small.jpg

Anna Galven

GM Te Hono


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