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The New Zealand Merino Company

NZ Merino team

Board of Directors

Kate Mitchell 2023 Small New_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Ben Todhunter 2023 small.jpg
Matanuku Mahuika 2023 small.jpg
John Penno 2023 small.jpg

Matanuku Mahuika

John Leyland Penno

Kate Mitchell


Ben Todhunter

Deputy Chair

Bill Sutherland 2023 small.jpg
John Maher 2023 small.jpg

John Maher

Bill Sutherland

Paul Ensor 2023 small.jpg

Paul Ensor

Leadership Group

Angus Street


Peter Floris_2021_small.jpg

Peter Floris

Matt Hand_edited.jpg

Matt Hand

GM Global Supply

Ashlan Campbell_2021_small.jpg

Ashlan Rogers

GM Strategic Implementation

Dave Maslen_edited.jpg

Dave Maslen

Chief Partnerships and Sustainability Officer

Teresa Callow_edited.jpg

Teresa Callow

GM People & Culture

Keith Ovens_2021_small.jpg

Keith Ovens

GM Commercial

Business Services

Mike Scott_2021_small.jpg

Mike Scott

Group Financial Controller

Hayley Richards_2021_small.jpg

Hayley Richards

Business Analyst

Brent Stone_edited.jpg

Brent Stone

IT Support Technician

Szilvia Szalai_2021_small.jpg

Szilvia Szalai

Finance Administrator

Henry Tallott_edited.jpg

Henry Tallott

Corporate Development Manager

Wendy Cairns_2021_small.jpg

Wendy Cairns

Accounting Manager

Josh Anderson_2021_small.jpg

Josh Anderson

People & Culture Advisor


Brenna Smith

Assistant Accountant

Sales, Marketing & Sustainability

Hadleigh Smith_2021_small.jpg

Hadleigh Smith

Head of Brand Partnerships (Strong Wool)

Natalie Norman_2024 V5.png

Nat Norman

Head of Brand Partnerships
(Fine Wool)

Alice Norton_2024 V4.png

Alice Norton

Brand Engagement Manager

Donna Chan_2021 v2_small.jpg

Donna Chan

Head of Regenerative Impact

Emma Wilding_2021_small.jpg

Emma Wilding

 Farm Innovation Project Manager


Tara Strangwick

Head of CSR & Ethical Sourcing

Monica Schwass_2021_small.jpg

Monica Schwass

Future Farming Manager

Maria Ryan-Young_2024 V3.png

Maria Ryan-Young

Brand & Creative Strategist

Mackenzie Muir_2024 V3.png

Mackenzie Muir

Market Relationship Manager – European Markets

Katie Coster_2022_small.jpg

Katie Coster

Project Lead

Rik Mulder_2024 V3.png

Rik Mulder

ZQRX Biodiversity & Vertical Extension Manager

Alex Duncan_2022_small.jpg

Alex Duncan

ZQRX Technical Project Manager

Ikuo Aisaka.jpg

Ikuo Aisaka (Ai-San)

Marketing, Japan


Simon Keeping_2021_small.jpg

Simon Keeping

Senior Creative Lead

Kate Burford_2021_small.jpg

Kate Burford

Creative Designer

Josh France_2021_small.jpg

Josh France

Senior Creative Designer

Communications & Administration


Mikaela Dewar

Office Experience Coordinator

Hannah Wilson_2021_small.jpg

Hannah Wilson

Strategic Projects Coordinator


Debs Sim

Communications Manager


Jess Milligan

Executive Assistant

Sarah Swain_2024 V3.png

Sarah Swain

Executive Assistant

Supply & Commercial

Nadia O'Connell_2022_small.jpg

Nadia O'Connell
Senior Wool Administrator

David Chenery_2021_small.jpg

David Chenery

Commercial Manager

Brenna Sharland_2021_small.jpg

Brenna Sharland

Wool Admin Manager

Blair Davies_2021_small.jpg

Blair Davies

Assistant Commercial
Manager & Area Manager


021 224 4044 

Ian Hermansson_2021_small.jpg

Ian Hermansson

Wool Admin Manager

Jack Ternouth_2021_small.jpg

Jack Ternouth

Head of Commercial Operations

027 556 9949 

Nathan Arthur_2021_small.jpg

Nathan Arthur

Commercial Manager

Mike Gourdie_2021_small.jpg

Mike Gourdie

Assistant Commercial Manager


Charlotte Rose

Grower Engagement and Experience Coordinator

Erica Horrobin_2021_small.jpg

Erica Horrobin

ZQ Programme & Certification Manager

Hannah Barry_2024 V3.png

Hannah Barry

NZ ZQ Programme Coordinator
( Maternity cover) 

Jennifer Dowhaniuk_2021_small.jpg

Jennifer Dowhaniuk 

NZ ZQ Programme Coordinator
(Maternity leave)

Cassidy Gray_2021_small.jpg

Cassidy Gray

AU ZQ Programme Coordinator

Wool - On Farm


Pete Scarlet

New Zealand Region Manager

Huia Whyte-Puna_2021_small.jpg

Huia Whyte-Puna

Area Manager
(North Island)

021 305 069 

Loulou Maclaurin_2021_small.jpg

LouLou Ellingham 

Relationship Manager
(North Island)

027 469 8975 

Mecaela Lynch_2022_small.jpg

Mecaela Lynch

Area Manager (Canterbury)

021 340 431

Holly Brown_2021_small.jpg

Holly Brown

ZQ On Farm Administrator

Andrew McNeill_2021_small.jpg

Andrew McNeill

Area Manager

(Maniototo Central Otago)

021 476 600 

Jenny Harraway_2021_small.jpg

Jenny Harraway

Area Manager

(Southland / West Otago)

021 314 482

Nic Blanchard_2021_small.jpg

Nic Blanchard

Area Manager

(Waitaki / Mackenzie)

021 306 878 

Olivia Anderson_2021_small.jpg

Olivia Anderson

Area Manager

(Queenstown Lakes/Outram)

027 431 2590 

Emma Smith_2021_Small.jpg

Emma Smith

Relationship Manager

ZQ Australia

Matt Hand col_edited.jpg

Matt Hand

GM Global Supply


Steve Wainewright

Australia Region Manager

Emma Subtil_2021_small.jpg

Emma Subtil

ZQ & ZQRX Relationship Manager

glerups NZ

Natasha Harris_2021_small.jpg
Zach Yan_2022_small_.png

Natasha Harris

glerups NZ Manager

Zach Yan

glerups NZ Marketing
& Social Media Specialist

Te Hono

Anna Galvan_2021_small.jpg

Anna Galvan

GM / Executive Director

- Te Hono


Courtney Stone

Events and Administration Co-ordinator - Te Hono

Chelsea Halliwell_edited.jpg

Chelsea Halliwell

Strategic Insights & Communications Manager

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The New Zealand Merino Company Limited

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PO Box 25160, Christchurch 8140


Ph +64 3 335 0911

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15A Old Saleyard Road, Cromwell 9310

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