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The ZQRX Recipe

Just like any good recipe, you need the perfect balance of ingredients. However, unlike a traditional recipe, our ingredients are a little different... and there’s only three!

You need to start with a generous portion of regenerative inputs and outputs.

We define these as actions and results that give more than they take. This could be in relation to the environment, the animal life within that environment, or the people and human communities interacting with that environment.

Regeneration cannot simply be measured by one aspect though, which is why we designed the Regenerative Index. The Regenerative Index comprises of 15 different indices, allowing us to better understand the interaction between the property and the animals, soil, ecology and local community. Growers use the index to help them measure and improve how they give back as they restore waterways, protect native species, offset carbon and enhance local communities.

Next up mix in technology that serves nature.

Traditionally, nature has served technology, but we are working to flip this paradigm.

ZQRX technology will show real time data and improvements on property. This data can then move down the entire supply chain, from farm to consumer, so everyone can understand and appreciate the work being done. Remember those regenerative inputs and outputs? ZQRX Technology is how we measure and communicate them, transparently and with meaning.

Then finally, it’s collaborative positive human action that brings everything together.

Our Actionists are our Heroes', and the most important ingredient we have. Activists are essential to raise awareness around important issues, but this needs to be complimented by Actionists; the people who are doing the action creating a positive impact. Our ZQRX team of actionists is a powerful collaboration between NZM and two influential groups - wool growers, and brand and supply chain partners.

ZQRX Wool Growers are interacting with the natural world every day at the grassroots level. They are the ones out there on farm and in communities applying a regenerative mindset to their day to day.

ZQRX Brand and Supply Chain Partners are out in the market constantly championing and celebrating growers' efforts. They are essential to ensure consumers know the story behind ZQRX, and empower them to make conscious decisions.

Combining these three powerful ingredients will result in tangible, measurable, real-world change. It means our ZQRX wool growers can continue producing the highest quality, most ethical wool in the world, and our ZQRX brand and supply chain partners can champion the journey, communicating with our consumers and allowing us all to give a little bit more than we take.


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