Studio ZQ

Simple mandate: enhance our partners' brands and create loyal advocates.

Studio ZQ is named after ZQ, the world’s leading ethical wool fibre. Established in 2006 by NZM’s, ZQ certified growers and brand partners believe in making our world a better place and strive to ensure their production is managed in a way that puts the people, animals, and our environment first. ZQ certified wool is recognised as the best of the best, giving brand’s and consumer’s confidence in how and where it’s been made.


The need for Studio ZQ was inspired by recent collaborations on innovations developed using New Zealand’s wool, such as the woolite surfboard by Firewire, or the Allbirds shoes, two of the more exciting innovations for wool in recent years.


The physical Studio ZQ  space acts as a design, innovation and business development space for natural fibres focusing on wool in particular. The space is designed to engage with the broader New Zealand primary sector who have a goal of helping make New Zealand a better place environmentally, socially and economically. Te Hono have set up a space within Studio ZQ for their alumni of over 220 influential leaders representing 80% of the New Zealand primary sector who have built a strong foundation of trust, respect and knowledge.


Studio ZQ speaks of the land, the air and the water. The space brings together people, from far and wide, those in different countries, and those closer to home, bridging the urban/rural gap.

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