CSN/Holder Number details

If you have other investments registered under a Common Shareholder Number (CSN) you must supply your CSN in the field provided. The name and address details supplied must correspond with the registration details under that CSN. If you do not provide a CSN, for a buy order, it will be deemed that you do not have a current CSN and a Holder Number will be allocated to you at completion of the order.

Investor Details

Insert your full name(s), address and telephone numbers. Details must be in the name(s) of natural persons, companies or other legal entities, up to a maximum of three names. Please contact the share registry if you require additional names to be added to the registration details. Share holdings in the name of a minor, trust, fund or estate, business, firm or partnership, club or other unincorporated body cannot be accepted. In those cases, applications must be in the name(s) of the person(s) who is (are) legal guardian(s), trustee(s), and proprietor, partner or office bearer as appropriate. Use the table below to see how to write your name correctly. By supplying a mobile number you consent to the Share Registry advising you by text message of any change in your holding balance bank account or address details held on the register, or if a new / replacement FIN has been requested. This feature provides additional security to you as an investor.

Number of Shares to Sell/Buy

The number of shares you would like to buy or sell.


The price, in cents per shares ($1.00 = 100 cents), at which you would like to buy or sell shares. Alternatively tick the "at market price" box to buy shares at the current "ask" price, or sell shares at the current "bid" price, or at such pricing as may be available from time to time.

Electronic investor correspondence

By supplying your email address you consent to receive your investor correspondence electronically where possible. This is a much more environmentally friendly, cost effective and timely option than paper based investor mail outs.

Order Expiry Date

The date, inclusive, until which the order placed will remain current. If no date is supplied a default period of 6 months will be applicable.

Bank account for sale proceeds

A valid New Zealand Bank Account and payment reference, to direct credit the sale proceeds, must be supplied.

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