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Your guarantee of the best Merino fibre.

Not all merino is created equal. The global brands that partner with ZQ Merino have done their homework and taken the time to discover the difference.


Most merino is a faceless commodity, sold through an adversarial supply chain whose ultimate goal is the lowest price. ZQ Merino weaves human understanding with nature's brilliance to produce the world's premium fibre. Working in synergy with its partners at every level, ZQ Merino delivers on authenticity and provenance, amplifying a brand's reputation and the value it is able to offer to its customers.


ZQ Merino protects the natural cycle - the best fibre comes from happy, healthy sheep. Happy sheep come from healthy lands, healthy lands come from best practice and best practice comes from ZQ Merino grower partners. ZQ Merino fibre is backed by an on-farm accreditation programme that verifies the highest standard of quality and practice. The quest for quality continues through every stage of the ZQ Merino value chain and product performance is substantiated through science and innovation programmes.


Meet our ZQ Merino partners.

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