Celebrating and Uniting the Actionists

On Friday 9th July 2021, NZM is hosting what is undoubtably our most important ‘rally’ of growers and their supporters since the foundation of the company.
Over the past year, we have employed a team of highly qualified staff to carry out the most comprehensive assessment of a cross-section of our grower community and their impact on our country (and indeed our world) - environmentally, socially and economically.
This demonstrated that not only are our growers incredible stewards of their land and communities, every one of them is endeavoring to leave a legacy and their country in a better position for future generations.

You are the ACTIONISTS.
A time when the world needs to be inspired not by words of activists, but by people who are taking action at the origin to be the very best custodians of their land, stock and communities. Providing the foundation for our future and valiantly leading the world to a better, healthier planet.
You are the heroes.
How bizarre, that despite this, your efforts and progress are not understood. You are even misrepresented through media with dangerous potential ramifications to the fabric of our farming.
Your story must be told!
So too the story of the purpose-led brands who have not only sought your amazing fibre, but also reward you for how you produce it.
These companies, their leaders and their teams want to join you at The Hero’s Journey Conference to unite in your movement.
Together you are a unique and powerful ecosystem. Your brands proudly join you as fellow Actionists!
In June, the United Nations World Environment Day launches a decade of ‘ecosystem restoration’. This is an opportunity for you to be seen working as an ecosystem or community of growers and brands, providing natural materials in a sustainable way that replaces the scourge of synthetics, whilst every day also working to enhance your own land.
The global movement of ‘Plastic Free July’ celebrates the exemplars who provide the world with natural alternatives. Come together to listen to icon business leaders talk about their move to natural and how this positively impacts our industry.

Your story is the solution.